Design Storm!

Updated October 30, 2016


Are you interested in collaboration? Design Storm is the at-festival option. Directors, designers, and dramaturgs from different schools will be teamed up to create the production of their dreams. Design Storm is a timed collaborative event that teams a director with a dramaturg, and designers: lighting, sound, costume, scenery, & and make-up; to create an approach to a classic or contemporary text that is unlike all previous productions.

The play choices are the same list used for the Design Projects.

Design Projects Allowed Plays

Any designer who plans on entering a Regional Design Project, please keep this in mind when selecting the top 3 plays for Design Storm. Designers should choose plays for Design Storm other than what is used for the Regional Design Project.

How To Sign Up

  1. Register online through the Design, Technology, & Management registration form for the event. The deadline to register for this event is December 1, 2016.
  2. Sign up as a director, dramaturg, or designer, listing 1st and 2nd choices.
  3. Select top three choices of plays.



If you have any questions regarding this event or eligibility, do not hesitate to contact the Design, Technology, & Management Chair.

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