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Tech Olympics

Reviewed October 27, 2017


Check your festival program for the time and location of the annual Region III Tech Olympics, and put together a team from your school. Teams, of two people each, compete in 5 events, judged on time with reductions for errors and omissions. Registration for the event happens on-site. The competition will have staggered starting times, with each event not lasting longer than 10 minutes. The events are tentative and procedures subject to change. The top 3 teams will be recognized

Tentative Events (Subject to Change)

  1. Lights: Hang and Focus an ellipsoidal on a shuttered pattern taped to the wall. Judged on time, accuracy of focus, procedural order, tightening of all attachments and safety.
  2. Sound: Set up a small sound system with microphone, CD player, mixer, amp and speaker from a mixture of different patch cords. Judged on time, production of sound from both input sources, with procedural penalties that might result in damaging pops, excessive volume levels, and/or feedback.
  3. Knots: Be prepared to tie a variety of knots. Judged on time and accuracy.
  4. Wardrobe: Details yet to be determined. Judged on time and accuracy.
  5. Scenery/carpentry: Details yet to be determined. Judged on time and accuracy.

Faculty and Staff Participation

Be a judge for the Tech Olympics! We are looking for faculty/staff to judge teams of students in this late night fun event. If you are interested contact the Technical Advisor.

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