If my name is on the KCACTF participating production registration form, do I have to fill out an entry form for the National KCACTF Awards for Theatrical Design Excellence?

Yes, even though you are already entered into the competition, we need to know that you are committed to presenting your design at the regional festival. We are asking ALL participants of every section of the Design Expo to fill out an entry form so we can plan enough space at the festival.

Do I have to pay an entry fee for any of the Design, Technology or Management Events?

No. Effective 2010, there are no separate entry fees for any Design, Technology or Management event.

Am I permitted to use a dress form or other three dimensional objects in my display?

Dimensional pieces are only allowed for entries in the Allied Design and Technologies Award. In the design events, the view of other panels and the walkways between panels must be maintained. Scenic design models, in ¼” scale are permitted. It is suggested that designers provide their own simple devices for mounting models to the polystyrene display walls. Integrated shelves for models or pockets to hold notebooks or bibles onto the panels will be allowed, so long as they remain structural and not decorative. Music stands will be provided for this purpose. If you bring a ½” scale model or other three – dimensional piece, you may be asked to display the piece in a location away from your panel.

Can I put up my own panel to put my display on?

No, you must use the panels provided to keep the playing field even and to maintain a uniform look to the Design Expo.

Since I must use the panels provided, can I cover the panel with fabric?

No, panels should not be covered with fabric, wallpaper, plastic, or any material other than your work.

Do I have to attend the festival to display my work?

No, you can send your entry with others from your school or mail your entry to the festival host, no later than two weeks prior to the festival, and inform the regional chair. Be advised that designers in national-eligible events must be present for response sessions to be selected to attend the national festival.

If my Design Project does not make it to the final round, can I take it down?

No, even though your design did not make it to the final round, there are still respondents preparing written critiques that will be sent to you shortly after the festival to give you additional feedback to your design.

I registered myself to attend the Region III Festival, and checked a box saying I was participating in a design, technology and management event. Is that all I need to do?

No, you should have received an automated response telling you that you also need to complete a Design, Technology & Management Registration Form. The DTM form gives us the specifics of your project so that we can plan the exhibit space and schedule response sessions. If you didn’t get an automated reminder, or if your school completed your Festival registration, please submit a DTM Registration.