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Nominations and Recommendations

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Nominations: The director may nominate only one (1) candidate, and that nomination must be made at the time of the KCACTF response. FOR ASSOCIATE PRODUCTIONS, ONLY ONE (1) additional nomination MAY be made by the respondent. For PARTICIPATING PRODUCTIONS, two (2) additional nominations MAY be made, one by each respondent. Ryan decisions should be made before the respondent(s) leave campus. Include all names on this form. All candidates must be bona fide college students (as defined on the Kennedy Center website, at the time the show is seen by the respondents. Faculty members in the department must be able to verify their bona fide student standing.
For participating productions only:
For associate entries only: recommended for Celebration of Associate Productions. (required) *
Please communicate with director of production prior to recommending.
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For all entries with student director: recommended for Ten-Minute Play Festival?

Certificate of Merit Nomination

Throughout each festival season, respondents to both associate and participating productions have the opportunity to honor truly exceptional production contributions worthy of special recognition by awarding Certificates of Merit to individual artists, and/or ensembles (both student and faculty). All production elements are eligible for consideration, including: design, stage management, technology, performance, directing, dramaturgy, etc. Respondents may identify Certificate of Merit awardees on this production response form, which must be submitted within 2 weeks after seeing a production. Certificates of Merit will be made available to the producing schools at the Regional Festival registration desk.

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