KCACTF Participating and Associate Entry Host Responsibilities

  • Communicate with the respondent prior to the visit to set a date.
  • Give clear directions to the theatre.
  • Determine hospitality needs.
  • Make sure someone greets the respondent upon arrival.
  • Make sure a ticket is provided (sometimes, a respondent will bring a guest – ask about this at the time you make arrangements.)
  • You are required to provide meal or meals; it’s a good opportunity to tell the respondent about your program, or about any special aspects of the production (a guest artist’s work; stage combat work; an unusual interpretation) that you think she or he would benefit from. If the respondent must stay over, plan to provide both an evening meal and breakfast of some kind, perhaps the complimentary breakfast at the place of lodging.
  • You are required to provide lodging if needed (you are not expected to pay for a guest not sharing the same room.)
  • Discuss Ryan nominations at the time of the visit, remembering that the director makes the first nomination; and that associate productions may have a total of two nominees, and participating productions a total of three. Receiving more than one nomination is at the discretion of your respondents! All Ryan nominations should be determined between director and respondent or respondents before the respondents leave the site of the show.
  • Production directors and producers may send production programs to the regional chair for archival purposes.
  • Any programs we receive are sent to the KCACTF archive at Ohio State University.
Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson

Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson

Region 3 Chair

University of Illinois – Springfield
Professor of Theatre
Department of Art, Music, and Theatre
One University Plaza, MS VPA 62
Springfield, Illinois 62703-5407

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